Momentum Capital Ventures LLC

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Company Structure

We'll help you decide what the best organization is for you. 

Retail Investor Opportunities

We'll help you grow your portfolio in the most explosive sector in finance with Micro-Cap & Small Cap investment opportunities. Mostly invest in private equity (Equity not quoted on a public exchange) Mostly focused on new technologies or strengthening a companies balance sheet. We look for companies that will provide a liquidity event such as an IPO or sale to an already publically listed company.


We'll help your company to accurately raise seed money for your company to grow.


We provide a variety of investment opportunities primarily to Accredited Investors.


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Our Team & Your Success


"Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs and that is the risk of doing nothing."      - Denis Waitley






Our team is your team. Your success is our success. We are more than just a company‚Ķ So are you. Momentum Capital Ventures LLC has a world-class team of investment professionals in Cambridge MA, with extensive experience analyzing and managing equity, and debt investments across a variety of sectors and industries. These investment professionals are supported by additional finance, operations and legal & compliance professionals.

 The mission of the business focuses on providing consultation, structured financing and professional advice on capital structure to various clients, primarily privately held companies. The Company will also coordinate and assist in all facets of a reverse merger transaction for such businesses, which includes and is not limited to negotiating various acquisitions of public and/or soon to be public entities, assisting with the registration of documents necessary for clearance with regulatory bodies, make introductions to various professional organizations with expertise in the areas of accounting, finance, law, promotion and marketing. For these services, the Company expects to be paid in equity by each client in which the Company comes to terms with. The Company plans to divest its membership equity stake in those businesses to the members of the Company and enable members a 30 day period to reinvest and maintain their percentage membership in the Company.

Momentum Capital Ventures LLC makes private equity, venture capital investments across multiple sectors, industries and sector classes. With a primary focus on investments in young, growing emerging companies.The people-intensive, value-added approach instilled at the firm's founding remains at the core of Momentum Capital's competitive advantage, which has enabled the firm to deliver returns to a diverse group of investors.